Anything is Possible

It was October of 2014 when Willow Pickard was diagnosed with a rare form of liver cancer formally called fibrolamellar hepatocellular carcinoms, when she was just 18 years old. This cancer accounts for less than one percent of all primary liver cancers and is predominately diagnosed in patients in their young teens t late twenties. It took Willow and her family over three years of doctor visits due to unknown stomach pain before her official diagnosis was given. Visit the website HERE


My Role

I created an interactive website using Atavist to tell the story of the Pickard family upon hearing Willow's diagnosis. Photojournalist's Paula Ospina and Michael Owens shot three days worth of footage, which I split up into audio bits, short video clips, and gifs to tell the family's story as best as possible. I started my process by researching Willow's specific type of cancer along with how a cancer diagnosis not only affects the patient but the family as well. I decided to create my own infographics and incorporate them into the project in order to further explain points Willow touches upon throughout her story. Much of the footage consisted of A-roll, which is why I decided to break it up into audio pieces since I felt seeing a "talking head" would become too monotonous.