Right Then and There

Trelawney McCoy and other single mothers raising children on their own have a lot in common. They are hardworking, possess busy schedules, and put their children's needs in front of their own. What sets Trelawney's family apart from the rest is seven of her eight children are adopted from foster care. "I fell in love with them right then and there," says Trelawney McCoy.  View the website HERE.

My Role

I was given photographer Jackie Molloy's full take of her story on the McCoy family. I was assigned to create an edit along with an accompanying article of my choosing. The take consisted of approximately 2, 300 still images along with some audio I requested the photographer record during the McCoy's weekly Sunday dinner. I decided to create a interactive website, since the story had many components to it. I edited down Jackie's take to 24 images, which were used as slideshows and stills throughout the project. I also chose to incorporate statistics of single parent households since the county in which Trelawney lives has an extremely high percentage of single African-American parent households. The accompanying article discusses how Trelawney fights against the stereotypes surrounding her community.