Born Again Transmedia Story

I worked alongside Jenny Ngo and Brianna Juda to expand my original short film, 'Born Again,' into a transmedia story, which can be seen HERE. The film is essentially broken up to create an episode series on the women. For this particular project we broke up the film into separate episodes for each character, which can be seen on our wordpress website but are also hosted on YouTube. We also collaborated on a social media plan to engage our audience further, complete with geo tags for snapchat and stickers people would essentially place around the Rochester area. The idea is that the hashtag #TranIsBeautiful will be utilized with each of our audience's posts. We also created blog posts that allow users to learn more about the characters, spread awareness on transgender issues, etc.

My Role

My roles in this project consisted of content provider (such as footage, stills, opening gif, etc.), video editor, copy editor, author of three blog posts (Educate and Follow Using Instagram, When Do People Realize it?, and Electrolysis, As Told by Cassi and Cora) along with other collaborative roles such as brainstorming ideas for our social media campaign, layout design, etc.